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There is little argument that the ocean economy is large and diverse.  It accounts for a large piece of the national economy and supports many jobs in Hong Kong.


The IEEE got involved with the first Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Centre Hong Kong Regional competition in 2006.  This was 4 years after MATE held the first US ROV competition in Monterey Bay, California, USA.  Hong Kong was the first overseas location regional competitions were held.


Hong Kong teams have been winning awards since the very first time they attended the US competition.  It seems that this region has a local talent for solving the challenges that underwater engineering presents.


From 2015, IEEE has concentrated our effort on the low end of the competition and developed student’s expertise in the Navigator and Scout classes.  This is in preparation and to give teams experience for the higher levels of Ranger and Explorer.


Our goal is to create Future Explorers

Picture 2.jpg
Picture 2.jpg

Two Future Explorers

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